What Are the Most Favorite Products for Best Electric Shaver?

For those who want to look clean and tidy without a hair on your face, you require the best electric shaver that is practically used. This device is not only practical but it is cleanable and some types have adjustable cutting levels. In some flagship models, the usage of electric shaver is able to reduce irritation risks after shaving. What is your favorite electric shaver to buy?

Most Favorite Products for Best Electric Shaver

Philips Series 9000 S9211/26

This is the best electric shaver currently for modern men. The previously old series of Philips Series 9000 is fairly great but it is out of date from Braun Series 9. But, by improving some sides like its blade, Philips once again lead the competitors to be the best brand with high quality electric shaver. The working principles of its blade are turning. You can use it by attaching it to your face area and rubbing it with circular motion. The produced noise is not noisy and has low irritation level. You need to rub it longer if you want to cut hair in difficult and hidden area such as , ear area and neck area.Though it is used longer, it doesn’t cause pain.

Braun Series 9 9296CC

If you belong to a person loving to cut beard and moustache twice in a week, Braun Series 9 becomes the best electric shaver to have. It is the best shaver for longer pause. This is caused by titanium layered blade with amazing durability and amazing golden touch. Braun Series is famously known to be a brand producing a perfect combination between functions and shapes with using cutting – edge techniques. However, it is not seen clearly in this product because the final result is very plastic and a battery charging is difficult. Braun Series 9 presents to be a mild and water resistant electric shaver. This is also easily cleaned.

Panasonic ES LV95

Panasonic launches its electric shaver with premium model. It combines five blades in a shaver product being a brilliant idea. In addition, the ability of this shaver is amazing. It is able to use in both wet and dry condition. Its shaving head of multi – flex 3 D and foil is easily removable making the result gentle and a process running fun. This is really beneficial if your hair grows quickly. Panasonic ES LV95 feeling the growth of your hair will get slow its machine for a perfect and gentle shaving result.

Remington XR1400

Remington XR1400

What else is another best electric shaver to buy? You may find Remington brand with its XR1400 series. This is an affordable electric shaver. This device has been designed classically making the ways on using it different. You have to tilt this blade to your beard direction. The shape of ths shaver reminds you to the latest version of electric shaver in 1950s. Though it is much affordable, the quality of Remington cannot be said to be worst especially the people shaving every day. This shaver gets many praises because it is easily touched when you want to shave alone at home.

Braun Cool Tec CT2CC

Another model of electric shaver is Braun Cool Tec CT2CC. This is a shaver having a blade with its cool sensation. The use of this feature is to present cool sensation reducing irritation while you’re shaving. When you shave your beard, you will feel hot due to blade friction to skin. The cool sensation is able to reduce irritation risks caused by heat effects. You should pick out this product for avoiding the irritation.

Nikai NK-1067

The last favorite product for best electric shaver is Nikai NK – 1067. This helps you to have a faster shaving process. Nikai is a professional shaver that is easy to use. You will look like combing your hair while you are using it. This product has high speed so that a shaving process doesn’t spend much time. By using this product, you can change styles as much as possible. It is very safe to use for both adults and kids. It is caused that this product doesn’t use a cable so that it is more comfortable and easy to bring anywhere. You don’t take cable to operate this shaver. It sounds so interesting and amazing. source : gazblogs

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