Guide to choose best electric shaver

How to choose best electric shaver? Time has gone when people using blade and blade holders to shave. Nowadays, people are rather to choose electric shaver that can shave in fast and tidier.  The electric shaver also offers you to have cleaner and smoother shaven look. In addition, it does not come too closest to skin that can prevent the bruises and cuts in your skin. However, there are many electric shavers available in market, and you might need to choose depend to your requirements. Here are some guides to you for buying electric shaver.

The purposes of shaving: foil vs Rotary vs trimmer 

foil vs Rotary shaver

When you decide to choose the electric shaver, what is the purpose from shaving? Whether you want to have daily basis shave for keeping your face smooth and hair free or for trimming hair facial so it will not overgrow, will impact on your electric shaver type’s decisions.  After identify the purposes from your shaving, you can choose to decide between foil types or rotary types.

  • Foil electric shaver is best for people that have sensitive skin and people that shaver every day.  The foil electric shaver designed with thin metal foil that purposed for prevents the skin get irritated. This foil electric shaver is not ideal for trimming long face hair.
  • The rotary shaver is shaver that designed with spinning discs and floated heads that purposed for adjust with the contours from face. This electric shaver gives perfect shave result in cutting hair face in areas that difficult to reach. The type of shaver is perfect for shaving long face hair and face hair that grows in different directions.


The important things to look when buying best electric shaver   

Before you buy the types of electric shaver that you need, you also might meet with several requirements as there are many brands and variations from both of electric shavers depend to number of heads and the foils. Here are several things that you also need to consider before buying the best electric shaver.

  • Power consumption and supply

The electric shaver types are divided into three types:  battery powered electric shaver, plug in charging shaver, and the corded electric shaver. The plug in electric shaver types means that you need to charge it before using it.  The battery powered electric shaver is not ideal for daily use as it has low efficiency due to power consumption. The battery powered does best when the users are in travel conditions. The corded electric shaver is the uncommon types as they are impractical and most people prefer to choose the cordless one. The cords likely get impractical when shaving.

  • Wet or dry electric shaver

Different conditions need different electric shaver types. For sensitive skin or acne skin, it is recommended for using shaving cream or gels.

  • Cleaning electric shaver

Cleaning your electric shaver is important things when maintaining electric shaver. People that have sensitive skin are prone to have infections when using unhygienic tools. Therefore, electric shaver needs to clean after use.  The cleaning method is different from the types. Foil types are easier to clean rather than the rotary types parts. You also need to ensure the thin foil is protected when clean the foil types.

  • Portability

Choosing the portability is other integrated reasons for buy electric shaver. Shaver that have plug in changing or cordless type offer more mobility. The usage of battery powered electric shaver is limited for travel only.

  • Price range

Trust me, the high quality electric shaver means everything. This means that when you buy cheaper electric shaver, you might be disappointed as it less efficient and less quality. The high quality electric shaver is worthy for lasting use.

  • The design of ergonomics from electric shaver

Find the electric shaver that feels good when you use it.  There are different size and shapes. Ensure that the shaver able to reach the entire parts faces in ease; include the hard angle such as nose and dimples.

  • Replacement of electric shaver blades

Such as traditional shaver, electric shaver also need for replacements. The foil and blades in electric shaver need to replace at least once a year.  When buying electric shaver, choose the one that has second set that consist of the replacement parts such as foil, blades or rotary heads. You also need to consider how to find and buy the replacements parts.

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